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2 ohm sub hook up, Connecting the two voice coils - How to wire subs seriesparallel

  • This presents as 2 Ohms to the amplifier
  • Rockford fosgate
  • STEP 1 Woofer Quantity 2 ohm sub hook up
  • DVC 2ohm 2 ohm sub hook up gives you 2 options for wiring
  • This presents as 2 Ohms to the amplifier, You can It might not sound better

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    1 ohm sub with a 2 ohm amp.

    Rockford fosgate

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    STEP 1 Woofer Quantity 2 ohm sub hook up

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    DVC 2ohm 2 ohm sub hook up gives you 2 options for wiring

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    2 ohm sub hook up Subwoofer wiring diagrams for two 2 ohm dual voice coil speakers
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